Xenos (chip)Xenos – chip, chip, GPU (born GPU), developed by ATI Technologies specifically for use in the seventh generation gaming console Microsoft Xbox 360. Developed under the code name «C1», Xenos is largely a precursor microarchitecture GPU Radeon R600 series for desktop PCs. Architecture «R600» underlies GPU series Radeon HD 2000/3000. Xenos chip contains two separate silicon chips: the actual GPU and eDRAM.

In 2010, was integrated into the CPU (the new chip is called XCGPU), turning so his first mass in APU. Continue reading

Hard disk.Harakteristiki.Interface (English interface) – technical means of interaction 2 heterogeneous devices, in the case of hard drives is a collection of links, the signals sent along these lines, technology supporting these lines (interface controllers), and rules (protocol) exchange. Modern commercially available internal hard drives can use interfaces ATA (aka IDE and PATA), SATA, eSATA, SCSI, SAS, FireWire, SDIO and Fibre Channel.

Capacity (English capacity) – the amount of data that can be stored drive. Since the inception of the first hard drive as a result of the continuous improvement of technology data recording their highest possible capacity increases continuously. The current capacity of hard disk drives (with a form factor of 3.5 inches) for September 2011 reached 4,000 GB (4 terabytes) and is nearing 5 Tb.V Unlike adopted in computer system console indicating multiples of 1024 value (see binary prefix ), producers in the designation of hard drive capacity used increments of 1,000. Thus, the capacity of the hard disk, labeled as “200 GB”, is 186.2 GiB. Continue reading

Hard diskHard disk drives or hard drive (English hard (magnetic) disk drive, HDD, HMDD), hard disk, in computer slang “Winchester” – memory (data storage device) of random access based on the principle of magnetic recording. Is the primary data store in most computers. In contrast, a “flexible” disc (floppy disk), the information is recorded in the HDD on the hard (aluminum or glass) plate, coated with a layer of ferromagnetic material, usually chromium dioxide – magnetic discs. In the HDD using one or several plates of one axis. Read heads TT do not touch the surface of the wafer by the airspace of air flow generated at the surface with the rapid rotation. Continue reading

Graphics processorThe graphics processor (born graphics processing unit, GPU) – separate device personal computer or game console, performs graphic rendering. Modern graphics processors are very efficient process and display computer graphics. Thanks to a dedicated pipelined architecture they are much more efficient in processing graphic information than a typical CPU. Graphics processor in modern video adapters used as three-dimensional graphics accelerator.

Can be used as a part of a discrete graphics card and integrated solutions (embedded in Northbridge, or hybrid processor). Continue reading

Everything about Xbox 360Microsoft Xbox 360 – a new model game console. The main competitors are the Xbox Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. The console was officially presented at the famous exhibition Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in 2005. In 2005, the online gaming category Xbox 360 was named the 6 game console of all time from a list of 25.
Now a little about the technical data of the console. Released two versions of the hard drive is 250 GB consoles and more economical option 4 GB. Although to save games 4 GB is enough but you have to play hard drive without installing the game to the HDD. In the updated console added Wi-Fi that allows you to enjoy Xbox Live, without connecting to the device power cord. 5 USB ports present, two on the front side and rear 3. Added touch of a button – and turn on the console button to open the disc tray. Xbox 360 slim differences from the old Xbox 360 is the union of graphics and CPU, and another block of memory in a single chip, which significantly reduced heat transfer. Slim version also installed one large fan instead of several small which significantly reduce noise. Continue reading

Types of storage mediaCartridges
Cartridges for video game systems are PCB mounted in a plastic housing. On one side of the body is a connector for connecting to the console. PCB is ROM, which recorded a game. Many other than a ROM cartridge, there are other ingredients that can increase the chances of boxes, e.g., additional RAM, or a coprocessor.

Cartridges were the first carriers to game consoles and the most popular until 1995.

Some consoles, such as Sega Master System and PC Engine used different kinds of memory cards for storing games. Maps are simplified and reduced cartridge, which could not be installed any components other than the ROM. Continue reading

Game consoleGame console (in the case of handheld video game console systems correctly) – a specialized electronic device designed and built for gaming. The most commonly used output device is the TV or, rarely, a computer monitor – so that such devices are called prefixes, since they put to a display device independent. Portable (handheld) gaming systems have their own built-in display (nowhere puts), so call them several PlayStations correctly.

Initially, game consoles different from personal computers on a number of important traits – they are supposed to use the TV as the primary display device, and supports most of the standard peripheral devices created for personal computers – such as a keyboard or a modem. Until recently, almost all sold consoles intended to run proprietary games that are distributed on a non-support for other platforms. Continue reading